Conquer your Pain! – Yoga Playshop

Posted on November 2, 2012 by Jennifer

Playfully explore methods for moving your body back into its natural alignment to alleviate nerve impingement, disc compression, and other symptoms of “practiced misalignment”.  No need for yoga props or fancy movement.  With a simple beach towel and household furniture you can create a 20-minute chill-out routine that – if practiced daily – will ease if not eliminate your pain.  Your body’s design is brilliant.  But even a porsche can be poorly driven!  It is our unconscious habits that push our bodies out of alignment and into pain.  Learn to tune yours up, every night so you can cruise and enjoy a pain-free life.

Saturday November 3rd.  11 AM to 1 PM.  Everyone is welcome!  Kama’aina $35 – Visitors $45.  No need to pre-register.  We have plenty of room.

Hotel Wailea is located at 555 Kaukahi Street, Waile, HI 96753 – near Capische!

See you there!

Pranayama Demystified- tap into your natural power

Posted on October 10, 2012 by sara

Tuesday October 16th , 8AM – Noon                                                                                              Join us for the second day of teacher training modules open to the public. Start your morning with a hour of breath centered practice, then relax and explore your own Pranayama as we discuss the anatomy of the breath.

In this module we explore the concept of inner and outer winds; how the breath is the bff of our prana (life force energy) and how moving the breath more freely through us means reclaiming our power as conscious creators of our own life experience. We learn sun/moon breath, fire breath, skull shining, and a cooling breath. We explore more deeply the anatomy of deep breathing and the way it creates a natural wave through the spine, cycling our cerebra-spinal fluid keeping our minds sharp and our senses alive. We take an initial look at bandhas (focal points of energy) and how they relate to the spanda – pulse of energy – through our bodies and the asanas.

Diving Deep and Resurfacing – Philosophy & Methodology Mash-up – October 15, 2012

Posted on October 3, 2012 by Jennifer

Wisdom Flow Yoga TT

Doesn’t it feel great when you get the deeper meaning behind things?  It feels powerful when we understand the bigger picture, the higher purpose behind our actions.  Our yoga asana is more healing when we feel the philosophy behind the methodology.  Join us on October 15th from 8 AM to Noon as we explore applied philosophy – meaning in motion – in the first of a series of yoga immersion workshops.  In this back-street, down-home, easy-to-digest workshop Jennifer Lynn takes us through mental imagery and movement that gels the joy-based tantric philosophy deep into the movement of the asana.  More than ever before you will feel your practice as a moving prayer, a celebration of life and an exploration of your power to create greater beauty, joy and connection in the world.  This workshop is open to everyone.  It begins with an hour of asana followed by interactive lecture and discussion.  Breathing and meditation and more movement and closing with a Q & A session, cookies and Chai.  To register, email Jennifer.  Workshop takes place in Sprecklesville (Paia).  $60.  Call with question 808-268-4095

Deepen your Practice in Baby Steps! Modular Teacher Training October 2012

Posted on September 11, 2012 by Jennifer


Teacher Training Maui

Teacher Training Modules October 2012 – Take Baby Steps towards Certification

Join Jennifer Lynn and other certified Wisdom Flow Yoga teachers in these fun-filled modular courses.  Each training includes ten 4-hour modules.  Once you complete 35 modules you are eligible for certification.  Or if you just want to dive deeper without committing to the full course, these modules are perfect for you!  Click the link above to see the preliminary schedule for this October’s Modular courses.  Register early, space is limited.  email Jennifer to register.

Thrive on Thursday August 30th

Posted on August 23, 2012 by Jennifer

Anuhea Room

Aloha all you beautiful Maui Yogis! Come and feel the fullness of the Blue Moon at this yoga Celebration! The Dynamic Wisdom Flow Yoga Team is excited to invite you and your friends to the Lululemon sponsored Thrive on Thursday free yoga class at The Hotel Wailea in the Anuhea Room on Thursday, 8/30/12 from 6pm – 7pm. Please join us after class for a Welcome Reception to answer any questions you may have regarding our regular daily yoga schedule being offered in the very same Anuhea Room at the Hotel Wailea, upcoming workshops, retreats and teacher training classes.