Chocolate-Covered Teacher Training on Maui

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Jennifer

We’re in the middle of the June Teacher Training and it is so much fun we’re calling it Chocolate Covered.  Today students took the golf cart to the beach for a rejuvenating swim before afternoon session.  Then we shared mangoes and chocolate iced espresso! Absorbing new bodies of knowledge comes easily in an atmosphere of relaxed playfulness.  That doesn’t mean Wisdom Flow Trainings are “lite”.  We get down to precise alignments, well-crafted voicing, parables, metaphors, mythology, philosophy, tri-bandha pranayama, vibhuti pada and more.  But we keep it real in the sense that all of it is applied to the daily flow of life and the basic challenges presented in asana class.  Each training is a creation of community … a family of yogis who want to expand the joy and healing of the practice.  It is only through the love that we share in the group that we find the strength and focus to absorb and gel the skills and knowledge required to teach well.  It is because of the group’s love that each person is lifted far beyond the level at which they arrived.  And in that lies the true teaching… Our power is in our diversity coming into playful fruitful union.  We hope you join our Chocolate-Covered Yoga Teacher Trainings on MAUI.  January 25-February 8, 2014 is our next 200-hour training program.  This fall and winter we have three 100-hour advanced trainings to get 200-hour students to the 500-hour certification level.

Yoga Immersion Sept. 2013 – Earn 500 hour Y.A. certification hours

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Jennifer

Therapeutics and Functional Anatomy – Enhance your Practice and your Teaching Skills

September 19-29, 2013 – 8AM to 5PM – Spreckleville Studio – $990

Our bodies are designed to heal and return to balance.  Every “condition” or pain our body experiences, has a solution.  For example, a pinched groin may be telling us our IT band is too tight or our Psoas insertion is stressed due to protruding low ribs.  Revealing the path to healing lies in understanding the brilliance of the body’s design.  This training is about developing an attitude of complete trust in the body’s signals and sleuthing the solution through intelligent exploration and understanding the clues the body give us.  Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to be able to guide yourself and your students in the art of self-healing?  Don’t miss this rich opportunity to connect with other teachers and advanced yogis as you deepen your understanding of yoga therapeutics, philosophy, and evolving teaching methods.

Wisdom Flow Yoga offers leading edge trainings designed to empower you to empower others.  Bodies are evolving, our depth of knowledge with and without is evolving, quantum physics, law of attraction, the god particle, stem cell research, sustainable living… all of this new awareness plays into enriching and expanding the way we teach yoga.  Each year we offer three 100-hour advanced programs to bring a 200-hour teacher to the 500 hour level.  Each 100-hour module runs for 9 days Saturday – Sunday.   We choose this time frame to support working teachers who want to minimize their time away from work and/or family.  Modules are offered in September, November and January each year.  You are welcome to take them all in a row or one per year. Click here for registration form.  Feel free to email me for more information:

5-day Out-Patient Cleanse – Pick up Your Basket of Health!

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Jennifer

JUNE 25-29, 2013 MAUI. Often when we think of cleansing we think of depriving the body and dealing with hunger pangs and cravings.  This cleanse is different.  It is very nourishing and soothing to the constitution.   There will be plenty to eat and the nutrition will be so complete, cravings will ease away naturally.  You pick up your basket of food for the day each morning and commit to eating only what’s in the basket plus water.  During the cleanse you will increase your water intake drinking 20 oz. of water first thing every morning and at least 8 oz. of water every hour from 8 AM to 8 PM.   The 5-day program begins on Tuesday June 25th at 8 AM and ends on June 29th; Saturday evening at 4 PM when we meet for a 2-hour cooking class and group discussion.  $225 for everything including the workshop! Attendance is limited to 10 people so reserve your spot early by registering with the form here and sending check or PayPal payment. email for more information.


What is in the daily package?

  1. 16 oz. fresh juice (Apple, Celery, Beet, Cucumber, Carrot, Kale, Ginger)
  2. Quinoa-meal with flax seeds, blue berries, and almond milk
  3. Large Salad with Organic Dressing
  4. 16 oz. Kitchari (Ayurvedic Cleansing Soup)
  5. Snacks – Goji Berry Raw Almond Trail mix, Celery Sticks and Carrot Pate’
  6. Goji Berry Juice – Green Tea Afternoon Elixir
  7. Night time Deep Sleep Cleansing Tea

A Guru sees More in You than you do!

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Jennifer

Do you have a coach who keeps you growing?  I do and I’m willing to share.  Alison Miller, owner of NEXT Coaching, has been my friend and coach for years and her effectiveness comes from her steadfast focus on what’s next.

NEXT Coaching and Consulting helps you to organize your life around your soul’s purpose to create the next level of your success.
You will receive help with the direction, development and advancement of your career or business with intuitive input critical to the overall long-term success of your goals.  In working together there are three key steps:

 One.  Getting to know you – where are you now? what matters to you? how are you already succeeding? what are you struggling with? Together we establish your Point A.
 Two.  Where do you want to go? What is your vision?  At this stage I offer you to critical keys. 1) An in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and help you develop a clear trajectory for where you want to go next keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind.  2)Intuitive guidance to develop and guide you with ideas that will support your vision or create a new vision for you.  Here we establish your Point B.
 Three.  How will you get from Point A to Point B? Together we will create your Plan to SOAR.  SOAR stands for simplify, organize, action and results.  We begin with the end in mind, simplify to take any distractions off your plate, organize what steps are needed to fulfill your vision and take action to get results.

Take Your Self to the NEXT level
Phone contact:  808.269.2324

Eight Limbs Breakdown

Posted on May 20, 2013 by Jennifer

Often the eight limb system we call Ashtanga Yoga is not understood completely.  The intention and intelligence of the system, the sequencing of the limbs holds powerful wisdom.  The first limb, the Yamas, help us clean up our outer relations, the way we interact with others.  The second limb takes us to personal observances, then we get more refined in our personal clearing and awakening until we are drawn to the seed of our soul and have a direct experience of absorption with our eternal Self.  In the podcast offered here, Jennifer discusses the eight limbs in a way that may bring a deeper  understanding of their power to bring you into union with your divine self.  If you enjoy this podcast, check out where members have access to an ever-expanding library of yoga videos and podcasts designed to serve yogis of all levels, shapes and sizes. is also developing a teacher tools channel that will eventual offer online-training courses.

GYFP000-Eight Limbs