Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii June 2014

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Jennifer

WFY-YTT1Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to have the skill to lead an empowering yoga class with variations for all levels and therapeutic hands-on adjustments ?  Can you feel the satisfaction of having your students leave feeling peaceful and hopeful?  Wisdom Flow Yoga School is dedicated to preparing you to teach intelligently, effectively and joyfully.  Read More.  We look forward to welcoming you to this intensive 15-day program.  In this program, you will be challenged to use your voice everyday; as a result your ability to translate complex methodology and philosophy into clear inspiring instruction will grow.  This is the key to excellence in leadership.  Upon completing the program you will be ready and eager to offer yoga classes.  It is our hope that you learn to teach in a way that leaves your students feeling educated, empowered and joyful.  Course fees $2500.  Accommodations can be easily arranged for off-island students.  Call us!  808-268-4095.  Alumni Testimonials Video. Call for more information 808-268-4095 or email

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WFY-YTT2Wisdom Flow Yoga blends the feminine flow of spinal waves and graceful transitions with the masculine wisdom of optimal joint alignment and core strength. The awareness within the movement unites the science of how the body works with the organic beauty of how spirit moves through it. This is our metaphor for living a balanced life. We seek to understand and harmonize with the laws of nature, and within that life-honoring structure, celebrate our unbounded spirit.  Read more…

tish-teaches-handstandClick here to see our Yoga Journal Listing

Advanced Teacher Training September 20-28, 2014

Earn your 500 hour ERYT certification with this modular course from Wisdom Flow Yoga.  Start with 9-days live training on Maui and follow up with weekly assignments and webinar discussions for the following three months.  This keeps course fees down while you have the freedom to practically apply the knowledge as you received it in systematic stages.  Details in our Information and Registration package.      Take a look at our Advanced Curriculum.  Your oral finals are conducted using Skype and your final project is submitted as a video upload. Find out more…

500-hr Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii March 2014

Posted on October 19, 2013 by Jennifer

WFY-GPP9Teaching and living Yoga is a constantly evolving path.  The best teachers are ones willing to seek further education and who enjoy chewing on leading edge concepts and teaching methods to keep their offering fresh, fun and effective. Wisdom Flow Yoga School welcomes you to our advanced training programs that will lead to your 500-hour certification.  Read more… Our first module runs 9 days – Saturday through Sunday.   We choose this time frame to support working teachers who want to minimize their time away from work and/or family.  This first module covers 120 hours of your 300-hour requirement for 500-hour certification.  The remaining 180 hours will be completed remotely through projects, assignments, and webinar classes conducted through (our interactive online yoga website).  This makes the advanced training affordable and easy to integrate into your life.  It also establishes a continuing community connection with your fellow students and the Wisdom Flow Yoga School.   Take a Look at our Curriculum.  Our mission is to support your never-ending expansion as a healer and  uplifter. Feel free to email Wisdom Flow Yoga with any questions.  Download Registration From and Reserve your Spot.

Jen-HoneyJENNIFER LYNN is the founder of Wisdom Flow Yoga, a Vinyasa Flow style that blends the wisdom of optimal joint alignment and core strength with the playful flow of dance-like transitions.  She has been teaching on Maui for ten years and offering Wisdom Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2008.  She is originally from that San Francisco Bay area.  She received a B.A. in Mathematics and B.S. in Computer Science from San Jose State University.   She has trained in TriYoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga.  She is ERYT 500 certified and has established her own style and YA Certified Yoga Training School.  Wisdom Flow Yoga is based on the heart-centered philosophy of Shiva/Shakti Tantra; Tantra means to weave expansion and Shiva/Shakti implies the expansion is into and between the seen and unseen. email Jennifer

Love Needs a Destination – Yoga Philosophy – Wisdom Flow Yoga

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Jennifer

2013-10-09 07.30.48One of my teachers once said, “It is more important to Love than be loved.”  Our Love is a vector of energy, Cupid’s arrow if you will, and it needs something to flow towards or it stagnates and weakens.  I took this wisdom to heart recently when I decided to adopt a puppy.  I’ve always been a dog person and had two very loyal dog companions in my life.  I loved them deeply and shared unforgettable adventures with them.  When I moved to Maui I put off getting a dog… until I had “everything in order”.  After ten years, I realized I was in such a habit of putting off my own happiness, I was pinching off my power.  So last month I decided to call in my puppy.  As soon as I made that strong decision, everything fell into place.  The exact puppy of my dreams was born on my birthday, sired by my favorite dog on the island “Teddy” Sullivan.  Her name is “Honey” and we are in love.  I feel her presence strengthening the flow of my love and my whole life is just juicier.  My teacher was right… It IS more important to Love than be loved… BUT when we love big it is reflected back and we receive what we give.

2013-09-22 12.46.12-1Often when we are feeling lonely or lacking and thinking our dreams will never come true… what is REALLY going on is we’ve shut down our own OUT-flow of love and we are dimming our own light.  We might have lovers and opportunities passing us by everyday because they can’t see our love light.  Once we find an object of affection and flow our love towards it, our light gets brighter and brighter which strengthens our attraction and draws lovers, abundance and health to us.   Let go of wanting to be loved and go forth and LOVE.  The feeling of your own love flowing through you will light you up and you’ll become irresistible!  The asana practice can be an object of love.  Join us and flow your love through the poses strengthening your current until it sweeps you up and carries you home!

Sprecks Studio Opens in 2 weeks!  Click for Schedule.  Maui Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Feb. 2014.  Click for more info…

Chocolate-Covered Teacher Training on Maui

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Jennifer

We’re in the middle of the June Teacher Training and it is so much fun we’re calling it Chocolate Covered.  Today students took the golf cart to the beach for a rejuvenating swim before afternoon session.  Then we shared mangoes and chocolate iced espresso! Absorbing new bodies of knowledge comes easily in an atmosphere of relaxed playfulness.  That doesn’t mean Wisdom Flow Trainings are “lite”.  We get down to precise alignments, well-crafted voicing, parables, metaphors, mythology, philosophy, tri-bandha pranayama, vibhuti pada and more.  But we keep it real in the sense that all of it is applied to the daily flow of life and the basic challenges presented in asana class.  Each training is a creation of community … a family of yogis who want to expand the joy and healing of the practice.  It is only through the love that we share in the group that we find the strength and focus to absorb and gel the skills and knowledge required to teach well.  It is because of the group’s love that each person is lifted far beyond the level at which they arrived.  And in that lies the true teaching… Our power is in our diversity coming into playful fruitful union.  We hope you join our Chocolate-Covered Yoga Teacher Trainings on MAUI.  January 25-February 8, 2014 is our next 200-hour training program.  This fall and winter we have three 100-hour advanced trainings to get 200-hour students to the 500-hour certification level.

Yoga Immersion Sept. 2013 – Earn 500 hour Y.A. certification hours

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Jennifer

Therapeutics and Functional Anatomy – Enhance your Practice and your Teaching Skills

September 19-29, 2013 – 8AM to 5PM – Spreckleville Studio – $990

Our bodies are designed to heal and return to balance.  Every “condition” or pain our body experiences, has a solution.  For example, a pinched groin may be telling us our IT band is too tight or our Psoas insertion is stressed due to protruding low ribs.  Revealing the path to healing lies in understanding the brilliance of the body’s design.  This training is about developing an attitude of complete trust in the body’s signals and sleuthing the solution through intelligent exploration and understanding the clues the body give us.  Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to be able to guide yourself and your students in the art of self-healing?  Don’t miss this rich opportunity to connect with other teachers and advanced yogis as you deepen your understanding of yoga therapeutics, philosophy, and evolving teaching methods.

Wisdom Flow Yoga offers leading edge trainings designed to empower you to empower others.  Bodies are evolving, our depth of knowledge with and without is evolving, quantum physics, law of attraction, the god particle, stem cell research, sustainable living… all of this new awareness plays into enriching and expanding the way we teach yoga.  Each year we offer three 100-hour advanced programs to bring a 200-hour teacher to the 500 hour level.  Each 100-hour module runs for 9 days Saturday – Sunday.   We choose this time frame to support working teachers who want to minimize their time away from work and/or family.  Modules are offered in September, November and January each year.  You are welcome to take them all in a row or one per year. Click here for registration form.  Feel free to email me for more information: