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Posted on October 15, 2013 by Jennifer

2013-10-09 07.30.48One of my teachers once said, “It is more important to Love than be loved.”  Our Love is a vector of energy, Cupid’s arrow if you will, and it needs something to flow towards or it stagnates and weakens.  I took this wisdom to heart recently when I decided to adopt a puppy.  I’ve always been a dog person and had two very loyal dog companions in my life.  I loved them deeply and shared unforgettable adventures with them.  When I moved to Maui I put off getting a dog… until I had “everything in order”.  After ten years, I realized I was in such a habit of putting off my own happiness, I was pinching off my power.  So last month I decided to call in my puppy.  As soon as I made that strong decision, everything fell into place.  The exact puppy of my dreams was born on my birthday, sired by my favorite dog on the island “Teddy” Sullivan.  Her name is “Honey” and we are in love.  I feel her presence strengthening the flow of my love and my whole life is just juicier.  My teacher was right… It IS more important to Love than be loved… BUT when we love big it is reflected back and we receive what we give.

2013-09-22 12.46.12-1Often when we are feeling lonely or lacking and thinking our dreams will never come true… what is REALLY going on is we’ve shut down our own OUT-flow of love and we are dimming our own light.  We might have lovers and opportunities passing us by everyday because they can’t see our love light.  Once we find an object of affection and flow our love towards it, our light gets brighter and brighter which strengthens our attraction and draws lovers, abundance and health to us.   Let go of wanting to be loved and go forth and LOVE.  The feeling of your own love flowing through you will light you up and you’ll become irresistible!  The asana practice can be an object of love.  Join us and flow your love through the poses strengthening your current until it sweeps you up and carries you home!

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A Guru sees More in You than you do!

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Jennifer

Do you have a coach who keeps you growing?  I do and I’m willing to share.  Alison Miller, owner of NEXT Coaching, has been my friend and coach for years and her effectiveness comes from her steadfast focus on what’s next.

NEXT Coaching and Consulting helps you to organize your life around your soul’s purpose to create the next level of your success.
You will receive help with the direction, development and advancement of your career or business with intuitive input critical to the overall long-term success of your goals.  In working together there are three key steps:

 One.  Getting to know you – where are you now? what matters to you? how are you already succeeding? what are you struggling with? Together we establish your Point A.
 Two.  Where do you want to go? What is your vision?  At this stage I offer you to critical keys. 1) An in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and help you develop a clear trajectory for where you want to go next keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind.  2)Intuitive guidance to develop and guide you with ideas that will support your vision or create a new vision for you.  Here we establish your Point B.
 Three.  How will you get from Point A to Point B? Together we will create your Plan to SOAR.  SOAR stands for simplify, organize, action and results.  We begin with the end in mind, simplify to take any distractions off your plate, organize what steps are needed to fulfill your vision and take action to get results.

Take Your Self to the NEXT level
Phone contact:  808.269.2324

Eight Limbs Breakdown

Posted on May 20, 2013 by Jennifer

Often the eight limb system we call Ashtanga Yoga is not understood completely.  The intention and intelligence of the system, the sequencing of the limbs holds powerful wisdom.  The first limb, the Yamas, help us clean up our outer relations, the way we interact with others.  The second limb takes us to personal observances, then we get more refined in our personal clearing and awakening until we are drawn to the seed of our soul and have a direct experience of absorption with our eternal Self.  In the podcast offered here, Jennifer discusses the eight limbs in a way that may bring a deeper  understanding of their power to bring you into union with your divine self.  If you enjoy this podcast, check out where members have access to an ever-expanding library of yoga videos and podcasts designed to serve yogis of all levels, shapes and sizes. is also developing a teacher tools channel that will eventual offer online-training courses.

GYFP000-Eight Limbs

Wanderlust Yoga Festival – We’re loving it!

Posted on March 2, 2013 by Jennifer

I am here on Oahu with friends and teaching assistants Sarah-sassin and Tish Brook.  I was invited to teach at the festival and was not sure what to expect or how my teaching style would be received.  So far we’ve offered a guided meditation class overlooking the ocean, a beach class where we did handstand against palm trees, and a tantric bliss flow with DJ Drez that shook the house with the vibration of shimmering joy and deep house arousal.   The classes have been full, well-received and we have many new Wisdom Flow Yoga global family members.  We even have a few invitations to future festivals.  It has been a thrill to practice next to Michael Franti and his lovely lady, to listen to Rochelle Ballard (of Blue Crush fame) talk about her pro surfing career, and to hoop dance with Shakti Sunfire.  This is an amazing event creating space for joy, connection and creative expression – its the yoga circus with music festival added!  Tonight we rock out with Michael Franti and friends and tomorrow Kaki King and ALO.  Check out these video of ALO – you can expect their music on the playlists in our Maui classes.

Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you when I return to our beloved island…  Mother  Maui.

Visualize with the Third Eye

Posted on August 23, 2012 by sara


Can we really ‘see’ with our third eye?

In our attachment to reality many of us have come to believe that we see with our eyes. While our eyes discern millions of bits of information carried through light, it is our brain that deciphers  and interprets the material into images we recognize. What’s more- our brain doesn’t discriminate between images we ‘see’ and the things we imagine in our minds. In a study of brainwave activity, a volunteer was connect to an EEG machine to record the areas of the brain that were engaged while he played the piano. The volunteer was then asked to close his eyes and  imagine himself playing the piano, the result was the same parts of the brain lit up with activity. This may explain why many athletes are having tremendous success with visualization as a primary part of their training.

If the brain cannot distinguish the difference between eyes open and eyes closed, what does this mean for reality?  Hint- it’s all in your head.